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Methamphetamine is a stimulant in the class of amphetamine drugs that can be snorted, smoked, taken orally, or injected. It is the most common illicit amphetamine.

Neurotoxicity occurs when the exposure to natural or manmade toxic substances (neurotoxicants) alters the normal activity of the nervous system. Health concerns become a problem, if exposed to these environments for too long.

If the home or building you are about to buy is in question, we would strongly advise you to have the structure tested. If you have further questions, or would like to schedule a METH inspection please contact our office for an appointment. We have been certified through ESA to perform meth testing.

Intermountain Inspection Services Inc. are your local METH INSPECTION experts!Laughing

If you have clients needing Methamphetamine inspections please contact us.  We have two inspectors on staff, which can assist you with these services.  Please call our office today to set up an appointment with a specialist.
If the home or building you are about to buy is in question, we strongly encourage to contact our office for an appointment to test the facility for contamination. A local chemistry lab provides us with our test results which is backed by insurance.

Contact: Kerry Maw 801-540-2600 for more information and details.

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