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Types of Properties:

· Single Home or Condo
· Homeowners Association
· Condominium Association
· Multi-Family
· Commercial (retail & office)


· Monthly Property Management Fees: 10 – 12% of rent collected. $100.00 (minimum)
· Initial One Time Set Up Fee: $250.00 (non-refundable)
· Minimum Maintenance Surcharge: 10 – 20 % depending upon the time spent on service.
· Any cost incurred pertaining to property

Full Service Property Management

  • Initial One Time Set up Fee $250.00 (non-refundable)
  • Rent Collection – 10-12% management fee is deducted along with any additional costs incurred throughout the month and the remaining funds are forwarded on to the Owner no later than the 15th of the each month provided, that the property was rented during that period.  Accompanying each check will be a copy of the owner’s transaction record, copies of invoices paid through the month for services or materials on the property, and any other information pertinent to the property.  All security deposits are collected and put into a Property Management trust account.  A non-refundable amount is disclosed and withheld on the tenant’s lease to cover additional move-out costs for the management company.
  • Leasing Services – Negotiate and Create Leases
  • Tenant Screening – Rental History Verification, Employment Verification, Reference Verification, Credit Report.
  • Advertising - Place “For Rent” sign, Vacancies are immediately advertised on popular websites, local newspaper, rental agencies, and flyer's will be placed at the property along with in the window of our office. Only newspaper and Internet search engine ads incur cost to the Owner.
  • Showings - Accommodate prospective tenant showings when needed.
  • Inspections – We feel like this is a really big selling point for our company compared to other property management companies out there.  We have been doing inspections for 13 years and feel like we can do an Inspection on any of our rental properties and know the property inside and out.  We will know any potential problems, and be able to do preventive maintenance on your properties that will save you money in the long run.  We will do an inspection on the property every 3 months to look for any repairs that need to be addressed and also to inspect that the tenants living in the home are caring for the property well.  We want your property to increase in value not decrease in value.
  • Maintenance – 10 -20% (depending on the amount of time spent on the service) any maintenance required will be provided.  IPM has established a qualified list of repairman for our rentals.  Seasonal maintenance is provided.  Professionals are contracted for items that are above the ability of a handy-man.  Any repairs under $200.00 or emergency items that hinder the habitability of the property will be addressed immediately.  Any upgrading repairs over $100.00 will require approval of owner. 
  • Reports – Monthly & Year end statement, security deposit report, maintenance and repairs.

IIS Inc. does not discriminate in any way and we reserve the right to accept or decline any application for property management services.  All properties are maintained and presented in first class condition to the best of our abilities.  IIS Inc. also reserves the right to collect late fees, buyouts, etc. 

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